Inchcape Motors Latvia has been using written translation services provided by TranslatePRO since 2007 to translate for brands that we represent – BMW, BMW Motorrad, ALPINA, MINI, Jaguar, Land Rover, as well as for the pre-owned car sector – and this has been useful for building brand recognition in Latvia. Inchcape Motors Latvia has regularly relied on these services for full adaptation of websites and translation of press releases, advertisements and brochures.

Collaboration with TranslatePRO has helped us to take advantage of online recognition advantages and to create high-quality informative materials in literary Latvian language that we have used to reach our customers and inform them about our products. We have also benefited from written translations into Russian, which we use to share our message with the Russian-speaking customers in Latvia.


We are grateful for the job that the TranslatePRO team has done in helping us to sustainably build our vehicle brand recognition by ensuring quality translations and on-time deliveries. We are also happy to see that translators have learned and are using specific automotive terminology.

The employees of TranslatePRO have proven themselves to be a team of goal-oriented professionals, who care about meeting client demands and continuous improvement of the service that they provide. And we especially value the quick response and price quotes, and the ability to meet our deadlines, because this has been very important for us to quickly release website updates, launch campaigns, and improve sales results of the vehicle brands that we represent.

Diāna Gaidaša

Inchcape Motors Latvia
Head of BMW Group Marketing