Transmitting information to the target audience is not just a question of textual information, which is why many documents, such as manuals, are prepared using specialised software, e.g., Adobe InDesign, and supplemented with photos, charts, graphics and other information.

TranslatePRO technical support specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience to convert the original text layout for computerised translation into a suitable format, while preserving the source layout. When translation and quality controls are done, our experienced specialists effectively and expediently import the translation into the original layout, make the necessary adjustments and deliver the translated, finished layout, which can then be used for its intended purpose.

If the translated text is to be used as a manual, brochure, catalogue, website or for any other purpose where it is important to maintain the visual layout of the source text, we will ensure localisation of the translation, as well as preparation for printing, publication and other purposes. When adjusting the layout, we carefully follow your instructions regarding the target audience and keep the destination of the translated content in mind, so that you receive the most suitable solution. For instance, the text layout of a catalogue or a manual intended for printing will differ from content to be published electronically or from presentation material. Furthermore, we always take into account the target language, in which the sentence structure, word count and other nuances vary.

TranslatePRO is very experienced in preparing documents in various formats using the most popular file processing software, e.g. MS Visio, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, etc.


Even if the information to be translated is submitted in an electronically uneditable format, such as jpg, .pdf, .png,. tif, .indd, .ai, .eps etc., we will process it and turn it into a “friendly” format for translation tools. We will preserve the source formatting, including the visual layout, colours, font size, symbols, etc. of the original.