TranslatePRO is a professional and reliable translation company. Our key specialisation is translation and localisation of technical texts (user instructions, maintenance materials, installation manuals, safety data sheets, etc.); however, we are also able to translate other types of texts, such as legal and marketing texts (product descriptions, catalogues, booklets, websites).

The focus of our operations is to ensure a reliable, top-quality, professional product that is delivered on time.

We offer professional, high-quality translation and localisation services in various Eastern European languages. To prepare a modern translation that corresponds to current market trends, we cooperate only with translators and editors who are trained and experienced in the translation sector, while observing the six eyes principle, with all translators/editors working in their native language and living in a country where that language is the official language. We perform all translations in line with the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100:2015.

To perform the work more efficiently and ensure high quality, we use state-of-the-art and popular translation software (CAT), such as Across, SDL Trados, memoQ, Transit, as well as the quality assurance (QA) tools Xbench, Verifika. Furthermore, TranslatePRO offers other key services in the translation industry, such as preparing layouts (DTP) and uneditable files for computer-assisted translation.

TranslatePRO is one of the most German-focused translation service providers in the Baltic States. To date, our partners have predominantly been from German-speaking countries. The work they have entrusted to us has made them loyal customers. In addition, we continue to supplement our professional pool of translators and editors in various language combinations and master the most recent and relevant translation tools to ensure delivery of top quality services on time, every time.


The positive experience of our core team in the translation of technical documents started in 2005, initially gained over time in a number of companies. Ultimately, all those capacities, competencies, accumulated experiences and knowledge resources were united in the company that now bears the name TranslatePRO (professional (PRO) translations (Translate) or translations for professionals). During this time, the company’s team has grown from a couple of translators and editors to include professional, experienced and reliable project managers, in-house translators, editors and technical support experts. Having worked with many different projects, we have accumulated extensive experience in translation and other spheres that are essential for professional growth. Moreover, by learning about and using an ever increasing number of modern technologies, we have enhanced the quality and efficiency of our work.


In business, like in life, trust is of utter importance. We cherish the relationships we have built with our clients, cooperation partners and colleagues. For many years, clients and partners have placed their trust in us. Our role continues to be doing what we do best and keeping track of current affairs in the industry to ensure top-quality services to meet client needs.