We will also translate texts in uneditable files

Today, the translation industry employs effective and user-friendly computer-assisted translation software. However, the texts to be translated are often available in a format that cannot be electronically edited, such as scanned .pdf format files, images, layout files, etc.

To ensure that the translation is carried out as effectively as possible in terms of time, costs and consistent quality, it is recommended to use computer-assisted translation software. This is why translation texts received in an uneditable format require special preparation. Our professional technical support specialists have accumulated substantial experience in preparing such uneditable format files for computer-assisted translation. This, in turn, ensures the highest translation efficiency, reduces costs and allows you to save on long-term translation projects.

We will help you prepare and graphically process documents (DTP), which are created in such software as MS Visio, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, etc.

TranslatePRO specialists have extensive experience in processing and working on various file formats, using the most popular file processing tools. This means that we can help you to find a solution even in complicated, non-standard situations, ensuring consistently high quality over the long-term.